Testimonial List

  • - Harry Turbo
    Wisconsin, U.S.A.

    “From the time I got off the plane until I got back on 20 days later, every detail of my trip was handled with grace, professionalism, and kindness. I had a fabulous guide, an amazing experience, and if I could do it all over again, I would in a heartbeat. ITrek is first-rate all the way.”

  • - Simon and Avril Bacon
    London, UK

    “Everyone was so accommodating, helpful and polite, it was an absolute pleasure to be escorted through Nepal with iTrek. A wonderful company to go trekking with. I can’t speak highly enough of how much we both enjoyed ourselves. We will certainly be recommending you to all our friends.”

  • - Alshley Kerry

    “For over Five years we contracted with Nepal Himalayan Sherpa Adveture to make trekking arrangements for visiting donor groups. The crew of Nepal Himalayan Sherpa Adventure are first class and know the trekking areas well, develop good relationships with local people, maintain good schedules, accompany slower walkers, excel in camping and food service. Our guests remained healthy. I recommend his treks and guides without question. Nepal Himalayan Sherpa Adventure is reasonable but doesn’t cut corners on quality. Our guests appreciated the warm towels served morning and nights and the bathing arrangements”.

  • - Anjila Leaf

    “On my first visit (1) the excellent tour covered Kathmandu and its valley, Pokhara, Chitwan National Park, Tibet, all well organized giving me a sense of security and a good all-round insight into life in Nepal and Tibet. I was so impressed I came back for two more visits and treks .

  • - Melissa Brober & Jacksong Hieght

    "Having never been to Nepal before I am glad that The crew from Nepal Himalayan Adventure was at the airport to meet us and get us to our hotel that first day. I had no idea how happy I was until I got there and saw the mass of people all reaching out to carry your bag and the rush of taxi drivers pushing at you to take their taxi. Thank you "

  • - Cynthiya Leaf
    Pearth, Australia

    “I had the most amazing time! The company was so professional from start to finish. The people are the kindest and most generous I have ever met. I didn’t want to leave the country and wish I had booked a longer trip.”

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